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ClinicConnect is a modern practice management solution built for both healthcare professionals and patients. Built by a group of seasoned healthcare professionals and IT experts, ClinicConnect brings strength to meet requirement of any size of clinic and yet not compromising on the quality of care and administration.

ClinicConnect offers modern workflows of a clinic including multiple consultants, online and walk-in appointment scheduling, consultant schedule, consultant queue, billing, electronic medical records, telemedicine, voice notes, Email / SMS reminders and much more. ClinicConnect is hardware friendly and is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device of your choice.

Product highlights

Global Access
Access and manage your clinic anywhere, anytime and from any device. ClinicConnect only requires a web enabled device and an internet connection.
Appointment Management
Create and manage your schedule. ClinicConnect provides worldwide visibility to your schedule. Capability of Walk-in and online appointment management.
Cloud Based EMR
All your patient data and EMR is in a secure cloud. Keep yourself connected with your patients all the time.
Calendar Management
Manage your calendar and update your patients about your updated timings. Reschedule appointments of an off day to some other day in one click.
Global Visibility & Marketing
With ClinicConnect, your clinic is searchable from anywhere in the world. Get appointments from all over the world. Get top rankings in Google and other popular search engines.
Automated SMS and Email alerts about new appointments and documents upload by the patient. With ClinicConnect you are always informed.
ClinicConnect enables you to talk to your patient through our high quality video call feature. View and manage patient EMR during video call.
Patient Portal
With patient portal, get new appointments, view upcoming appointments, diagnostics and current medications. Upload test results and other documents for doctor review.
Manage your fee and billing services. Add new services and add pricing details. Patient bill view and print out capability.

In the Package

Consultant Portal
ClinicConnect offers a complete package of features that are essential for running any size of clinic. These features include patient registration, appointments management, patient EMR and billing services etc. Quickly record symptoms, make assessments, and write prescriptions. Easily keep any size of patient data without maintaining IT infrastructure.
Patient EMR
ClinicConnect offers a very comprehensive Electronic Medical Record management. ICD10, CPT and customized diagnostics, comprehensive drug and medicine dictionary, audio notes, patient vitals, assessments and high quality video call are part of patient EMR module.
Patient Portal
Patient portal of ClinicConnect enables patients to get instant appointments in few clicks from their favourite doctors without visiting or calling them. View your upcoming appointments, recent appointments, current medications and diagnostics using ClinicConnect. Upload lab test results, assessments and other documents for doctor’s review.
Mobile Apps
ClinicConnect offers feature-rich mobile apps for consultants and patients. Mobile apps are available for Android phones and iPhones. Stay updated with your care provider and patients through ClinicConnect mobile apps.
Data Security
We are concerned about security of your data so we have taken strong measures to ensure data security and privacy. Your data is stored in highly secure cloud based databases using strong encryption algorithms. SSL based communication adds another layer of security to the system.
Document Manager
Comprehensive document manager with powerful file system support to share lab test reports, assessments and other documents with doctor and patient. Get instant alert if patient uploads a document or doctor writes a review about any document.

ClinicConnect is MOBILE

Mobile Apps are the next level of automation offered by ClinicConnect that enables doctors and patients to connect with each other using the mobile apps built on the most modern technologies available in the market. Mobile apps of ClinicConnect are available for iPhones and Android phones.

    Consultant App

  • View your upcoming appointments
  • View appointment details
  • Create and manage your schedules
  • Search your patients through phone numbers and view their complete EMR and appointments history
  • View tests reports and investigations uploaded by your patients
  • Instant notifications about your new appointments and documents uploaded by your patients

    Patient App

  • Get an appointment from your consultant
  • View upcoming appointments
  • Upload and view lab test reports and other documents for your doctor’s review
  • View your current medications and add medicine reminders so that you never forget taking your medicines on time
  • Instant alerts about change in status of your appointments, document review by your doctor and next medicine