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Developed under the years of collaboration between top healthcare professionals and software development experts, HealthConnect has become widely accepted Healthcare Information Management System and hospital management solution across the country due to its flexibility, scalability and quality user experience.

HealthConnect caters for the full life-cycle of the processes in a modern hospital, incorporating comprehensive work flows for complex processes of a healthcare facility including patient registration, queue management, OPD, IPD, medical record management, pharmacy, blood bank, waste management, radiology, pathology and other departments of a hospital.

Product highlights

Complies with various codifications like ICD 11 & CPT. Integration with PACS, Lab/Medical equipment, Drug databases and Insurance coverage management.
Fully Automated
Fully automated end to end hospital management. Comprehensive machine integration to fetch test results without human intervention.
Integrated across all departments
Powerful integration ensures seamless flow of patient data across all departments of the hospital for a superior patient care.

Complete EMR
View and track complete medical and treatment history. Record family history, symtoms, complaints, diagnostics, accessments and doctor notes.

Highly Customisable
Buy only what you need. Enable or disable modules in one click. Custom templates and reporting capability ensures control over data and decision making.
Highly Secure
Encrypted and secure data storage and communication. Strong security checks and audit trail to prevent data theft and illegal access to patient data.

In the Package

Patient Registration
HealthConnect provides all the functionalities needed at registration desk of a hospital. It includes patient registration, patient card printing and scanning, allocation of patients different departments of the hospital, appointments scheduling, admissions / discharge, complete information about admitted patients and highly efficient patient search are part of this module. This module has been developed according to the requirements of both private and public sector hospitals.
In-Patient Department
IPD module covers comprehensive processes an IPD. admitted patients / wards / Bed Management, surgery, appointment of assisting surgeons, anesthetists etc, scheduling for multiple ORs, OR record of surgery performed, disposables usage, consultant notes / follow-up, OR preparation report / Inspection report, instrument / equipment checklist for various types of operations e.g. cardiac, orthopedic etc, hourly or per minute charges for Operation Room, duty Roster, comprehensive IPD billing are processes covered by this module.
Out-Patient Department
HealthConnect offers a very detailed and comprehensive OPD module aligned with the latest and modern healthcare industry needs. Major functions of this modules are patient registration, registration card printing and scanning, appointment scheduling, doctor calendar management and appointment scheduling, OPD visit medical records, payments and billing. Assigning assistants to one or more consultants, telemedicine, audio notes, complete history of treatment and care tracking are also some of the key features of the module.
Every bit of pathology laboratory functioning has been examined and automated. Which includes 300+ pre-configured test templates available, easy to configure laboratory tests, the Pathology Sampling Module includes receiving of pathology test request, test tube barcode sticker printing, embedded with efficient search facility to locate previous test results, view pathological history of the patient, integrated with Pathology Machine to send test requirements and receive test results.
This module covers critical processes of surgery including surgery recommendation by consultant, appointment of assisting surgeons, anaesthetist etc, scheduling for multiple ORs, and record of surgery performed, disposables usage, consultant notes / follow-up, OR preparation report / Inspection Report, instrument / equipment checklist for various types of operations, e.g. cardiac, ortho etc, hourly or per minute charges for operation room and duty roster etc.
Billing module offers following core functionalities, all types of services and charges are automatically added to the bill, corporate and Insured patients along with their family members are handled, rate lists for various patient types, ward types, corporate patients etc, share of consultants, anaesthetists & other staff in surgery, services and procedures, referral fees, discounts, packages, payments (cheque, credit card & cash) and refunds.
Purchasing module of HealthConnect includes creation and printing of purchase requisition, purchase requisition approval process, vendor inquiry, quotations, quotations approval process, PO (purchase order) and approval process, purchase order closing process, purchase order variation process, MIN (Material Inspection Note) Partial, product delivery and acceptance/ rejection of products. Integration of purchasing module with other modules of HealthConnect ensures seemless flow of data and its tracking.
General Ledger
General Ledger includes, multilevel chart of account, open coding structure, double entry system, cost center, journal/cash/bank voucher types, monthly/yearly voucher serial, multiple cash/bank books, journal voucher type, subsidiary ledger account, user defined final account notes, trial balance, balance sheet, profit & loss, user wise chart of account access, user wise books access, cost center wise entries, automatic periodic voucher entries.
Inventory management system of HealthConnect is state of the art system for managing hospital inventory through multi-level store management. This module is highly scalable and customisable for any size and number of stores. This module includes user wise store assignments, inventory methods (FIFO, LIFO and Moving Avg.), SIR and SIN management, IRN and PRN management, STR and STN management, SRN and product kits management etc.
Pharmacy module is an End-to-End Pharmacy prescription fulfillment solution suitable for hospitals, independent Pharmacies, Pharmacy chains and Out-patient Pharmacies within a hospital. Major features of this module are drug search based on name and generics, based on international standards of healthcare industory to store and display directions, dosages and frequency, comprehensive access control with audit logs, highly customisable reporting, drug movement history and transactional details, taxes and discount management.
Blood Bank
Blood bank module of HealthConnect is another powerful module of the product. This module includes blood donor registration and profile management, donor Assessment, donor blood product formation, blood inventory management, blood issuance, reserve blood, cross matching etc.
Health Connect Radiology module provides a complete solution for a Radiology Department which includes, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Doppler Study, Fluoroscopy, Doctor’s Prescription, Preparation / Instructions / Questionnaire, Appointments, Create and edit radiological reports templates, Report Entry / Approval, Image processing, saving and display.

In SpotLight


Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) Lahore is Live on HealthConnect

Softech’s HIMS solution is now live at first ever Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment Clinic (HPTC) of Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute and Research Center (www.pkli.org.pk). Lahore Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif gave his appearance as Chief Guest and performed the ribbon cutting ceremony of the first PKLI Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment Clinic. Lahore. This is important to mention that Softech has already partnered with Govt. of Punjab to automate 30+ DHQs and THQs in province of Punjab.